About Us

About Us

It all began for me at the tender age of 7 years I started collecting stamps. I would eagerly wait for the post man to come and thus my obsession with all things collectable began. From there my collecting hobby blossomed, to cover more and more areas. After many, many years of collecting one thing or another, I found my true calling, NBA trading cards. I play, my children play, I have been creating a new generation of basketball card collectors through the club I coach at.

My first job was in a local Gold Coast Card store way back in 1992, and I have been in and around the hobby ever since. Comics and toys also played a huge roll in my passion and what collector hasn’t dreamt about working in a hobby shop and talking about their favourite collectable/s. I had another dream job being a video store attendant and will talk movies, directors or film with anybody.

Some of you may know me by my online name okramrajnoc, which is just my name in reverse.

Big Boss Collectables will see the addition of my better half Veronica, and we as a team, will strive to offer the very best customer service. Veronica was drawn into the hobby after meeting me. While I was always chasing Comics, Cards, Toys and all sorts of Memorabilia. Veronica found that she lent towards Barbie and Marylin Monroe Memorabilia early on. She is still looking for her great collecting love and has dabbled in Pop Vinyls and Bobble Heads. She is also a big Dr Who fan and has a collection of Bold and the Beautiful Coffee Mugs. I love that she is still so keen to be involved.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact myself or Veronica and we will use our PI skills and do what we can to track down the items you are looking for. There is always something that can be found.

Happy collecting!

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